About us

Forestry & Development considers sustainable commercial forestry to be an important source of economic growth and development. We are an online resource that aims to provide accurate information and analysis on the latest developments in the industry, both on a global and a regional level.

Specific attention is paid to the Asia-Pacific forestry sector, which has recently become a target of strong criticism by Green groups. Forestry & Development considers the industry to be a significant contributor to the economies of the Asia-Pacific region, both now and in the future

Forestry & Development was established by ITS Global, a consultancy on international trade, environment and development issues. ITS Global is listed as a consultant with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) Council, and has expertise in forest management and forest certification systems. ITS Global has undertaken projects to assess several national schemes against the requirements of the PEFC Council as part of the PEFC mutual recognition process. These include assessments of Cerflor (Brazilian forest certification scheme); the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program (North American forest certification scheme), ATFS (American Tree Farm System); and the UFCS (Uruguay Forest Certification Scheme).

ITS Global is based in Melbourne, Australia.