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    Fires in Greece and Tenerife

    Forest fires continue to rage in parts of southern Europe: in Greece, a village near the burning Dadia National Park has been evacuated. It also continues to burn on the holiday island of Lesvos. In Spain, a fire is causing concern on Tenerife. The massive fire in Dadia National Park in north-eastern Greece continues to rage uncontrollably. The village of Dadia was evacuated during the night, and in the morning the military and forest workers were deployed to cut aisles through the pine forests and thereby prevent the flames from spreading further. Firefighting operations on the ground and in the air also continued. 320 firefighters were deployed with 68 fire…

  • Australia the new Prime Minister promises a pro-climate shift

    Australia: the new Prime Minister promises a pro-climate shift

    Labor has just overthrown the Conservatives in the Australian parliament. The new Prime Minister wants to catch up with the delay taken by Australia in terms of the environment. But the coal lobby is still powerful… Australia is changing course! After Labor’s victory in the legislative elections on Saturday, ending nine years of Conservative rule, the one who should become Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has indicated that he will place his program under the seal of the fight against climate change. “I really want to change the country,” he said. According to him, Australia has fallen behind in environmental matters and must repair its image. He thus wants to “let…

  • New plan launched to help end deforestation by 2030

    New plan to stop deforestation by 2030 launched

    Ahead of World Environment Day, Everland, which represents the world’s largest portfolio of high-impact forest conservation projects (REDD+), released the Forest Plan, which outlines goals to help develop up to 75 forest conservation projects in critical hotspots around the world. The plan was developed in response to promises made by 141 countries at COP26 to end deforestation, a major cause of climate change, by 2030. The plan includes the largest voluntary carbon finance effort to date, with one transaction alone expected to generate more than $2 billion in funding streams over the next 10 years for community-based forest conservation projects in the global south. The Forest Plan will further expand…

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    PNG wants to rethink forest law and governance

    Papua New Guinea’s Centre for Environmental and Community Rights, or CELCOR, is demanding the sacking of police working for logging companies. This follows the killing of two landowners and a police officer in a forestry operation in East Sepik last month. The deaths sparked a parliamentary call for an enquiry into police officers working for logging companies as guards. CELCOR’s Peter Bosip said police working for logging companies should no longer be tolerated and Police Commissioner David Manning should take action. “The police commissioner should call all the men from the logging camps and wherever it is found that police are doing illegal business working for a logging company, they…

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    WWF push FSC further into PNG

    A new WWF program is seeking to expand Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification in the Trans-Fly and Kikori River Basin regions of PNG.  The program is an extension of the work WWF has been doing in the country for some years now – mostly aimed at restricting PNG’s commercial forestry industry. WWF has operated in the Trans-fly region of PNG since 2003. Through its ‘Biodiversity Vision for the Transfly’ strategy it has worked to encourage local government authorities to alter land-use plans and use WWF’s High Conservation Value system in spatial planning, which severely curtails available land for forestry and agricultural use.

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    Forestry & Corruption in PNG

    Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) has publicly attacked Papua New Guinea’s forest industry and officials. Capitalising on publicity generated by the launch of its Corruption Perception Index for 2010, TIPNG has directly attacked the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) as well as its auditing body, claiming that 90 per cent of timber exports are shipped without proper checking.  PNGFA Managing Director, Kanawi Pouru, reiterated that all logs exported from PNG were independently checked and monitored by Swiss inspection company, SGS – one of the global leaders in inspection, testing and certification services. He advised that the process was completely transparent and any questions would be welcomed by the auditor. TIPNG’s…

  • Deceit in Greenpeace’s campaign to greenmail buyers of Indonesian products revealed

    Deceit in Greenpeace’s campaign to greenmail buyers of Indonesian products revealed

    Claims about environmental damage made by Greenpeace about Indonesian company APP have been revealed as false. ITS Global, the sponsor of Forestry and Development, recently released an audit of a report by Greenpeace (“How Sinar Mas is Pulping the Planet”) in which Greenpeace alleged Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is despoiling the environment and generating greenhouse gases. [1]  APP commissioned the audit. Greenpeace is using the report in its greenmail campaign to pressure businesses in Europe to cease buying APP products. The audit revealed the report contained claims which were based on fiction or could not be supported. It concluded the report was a highly politicized vehicle to advance Greenpeace’s greenmail…

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    Time For PNG NGO’s To Shape Up Or Ship Out

    The role and behaviour of NGO’s in PNG has again come under scrutiny as relations with international investors, the National Government, landowners and local communities threaten to reach breaking point. Misrepresentation, manipulation of facts and instigation of public violence are just some of the claims that have been lodged against NGO’s operating in the country in recent weeks.  With PNG on the brink of a period of sustained economic growth, it is no wonder the National Government is worried. Billions of dollars have been pouring into PNG for resource projects. Besides the AUD 16.5 billion ExxonMobil LNG project, there are promising gas finds in Western and Gulf Provinces and over…

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    CELCOR Targets PNG Anti-Poverty Projects

    The World Bank has launched an investigation into its PNG Smallholder Agriculture Development Project’s (SADP) in Oro and West New Britain provinces at the request of the Center for Environmental Law and Community Rights (CELCOR), a NGO based in Port Moresby. The request for inspection relates to two projects financed by the International Development Association (IDA). The request claims that “customary land owners from Oro province and affected smallholders in one of the three project areas had suffered and believed they were likely to suffer, serious harm from the design and implementation of the project.”   It appears that CELCOR is priming itself for a fight on palm oil. CELCOR…

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    Forest Carbon Takes Another Hit

    A recent study has shown that rainforests store much less carbon than originally thought and that there is variability in the density of carbon stored in seemingly similar forests. The study, carried out by the US-based Carnegie Institution, WWF and the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), used satellite mapping, airborne-laser technology, and ground-based plot surveys of 43,000 square kilometres of Peruvian Amazon forest to create the first high-resolution maps of carbon locked up in tropical forest vegetation.  The results should be hugely influential on how the current REDD plus program is developed and yet have received small mention from the WWF-influenced study group. The findings are set to influence…